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More travel: Biomes

We are going to continue our incredible journey around the world by exploring biomes.

What’s a biome?  How many are there?  Find that out first.  Here’s some helpful links


We are spending 3 days in the computer lab, adding to our concepts of travel.  You may continue your journey that you began for the Earth project or start in a new location.

1.  Produce a nice project in a digital (not printed) project 20 points

2.  Find out and define the biome for your location 10 points

3.  Research one plant in detail 20 points

4.  Research at least one animal in your biome 20 points

5.  Create a food web for your biome/location 20 points

6.  Find other locations with the same biome 10 points.

7.  If you want, you can add additional hotels and places to go to better experience the biome – this will count as extra credit.