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1960-2012 Timeline

The last 50 years are some of the most important ones in US History. What events, individuals or issues are the most important to be remembered? We’re going to find out by making our own interactive timeline of US History on those years.

Here’s where we’re going to focus:

  • People – Who  is historically significant? How do we know? What standards do we measure them by? As a class, we’re going to make a list and then stick to it when adding people to the timeline.
  • Events – What’s an important event? What causes it? What’s the impact?
  • Issues – What themes keep coming up over and over again? Race? Religion? Money?
On your timeline, please remember to include
  • An image
  • A title
  • The exact date (as close to possible)
  • A description in your own words (5 sentences)

Let’s get started! Click below…





OK Dipity kind of stinks…

Lets go instead to this timeline… Tiki-Toki

1) Go to the site here: http://www.tiki-toki.com/

2) Use the username: mreverett2012

3) Use the password: 4112mre

4) Click on US History 1960-2012

Go Tiki-Toki!

Dipity! Timeline

Timelines definitely help me learn, and I bet they help you learn as well. One of the easiest ways of doing this now on the web is to use the website Dipity.

In US History 2 (for both B and D blocks) we are learning about the events, issues and individuals of the last decade. We can do this best by putting some of those events in a timeline. To do so click on the image above, or click here.

Now the real question is: What makes something historically significant? Let’s talk about that in class tomorrow (Wednesday). See you then!