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Murals: Windows of Culture

Art is a window to the soul, but it also a message to the world.  So many cultures in the world have expressed their vision of the world through their art.  Humans are more creative than they are destructive.  When people form communities, their art becomes public.  This is definitely the case with murals and the Latino community in America especially.  This week we are going to learn about culture through art and the meaning it has for our individual and community in our culture.

Let’s take a look at some great sites first on murals.  This first one is from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Project.

A very interesting documentary that focuses one of their episodes on murals is Visiones: Latino Art and Culture.  Check out their site here.

Chicano (Mexican American) mural art is also a powerful form of political and cultural expression.  Learn more about it and see lots of murals in the the US at this site.

Another famous mural artist was Diego Rivera.  You can see his murals and art at this virtual museum.