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Chapter 18 Screencasts

Industrialization is a very topic in American history. Cities grow. Populations change. Technology astounds. Workers protest, and all of it happens in just a few decades. To explore these topics, I’ve created a few (five) screencasts to 1) analyze the text, 2) explore deeper questions raised by individuals, events and issues, and 3) provide study material for the upcoming exam.

Beyond that student/school related stuff, it is just fun to talk about history and explore its different perspectives. Please forgive the minor mistakes I make in the videos. Yup, even history teachers get some facts wrong. Let me know what you think of the screencasts and how I can improve them.

For the first two, I used the text as a base, jumping to other websites, as topics allowed. For the last three, I focus on seminar discussion questions instead of reviewing facts. Some might work better for you than others. Send me a message to let me know. Thanks.