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Schoology has been one of the best additions to my teaching this year. It is a learning management system that integrates social media connections into classroom and flipped instruction. Let’s start with some of the basics. Schoology is free for teachers. Districts can sign up for paid services if they choose. You can create as many classes as you’d like. Students register with an access code and then log in as needed. There are iPhone, iPad and Android apps for students to connect on their mobile devices. Lessons can be designed in a number of ways. I’ve used graded online discussions for¬†asymmetrical learning outside the normal classroom dialogue. I’ve also used discussions for students to collaboratively help one another with questions, comments and suggestions. There’s an online test/quiz feature that is very versatile. Teachers can also have students complete assignments using a dropbox feature, so that work can be done on multiple devices. Schoology allows teachers to take attendance as well as get analytics concerning student access, grades, and more. In essence, it has been a very useful tool, and even better, it looks just like Facebook, so students can intuitively grasp the format and functions.