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The #sschat PLC

SSCHAT stands for the social studies chat channel located on Twitter. Since April 2011, I have had the great opportunity to connect with other social studies educators from around the nation on a wide range of issues. Just now, as I am trying this, the most recent tweets on #sschat point to 1) 5 powerful strategies to empower students, 2) primary sources from Harvard University on women working from 1800-1930, and 3) a tweet on how to use Livebinders in the history classroom. In a nutshell, its the most empowering professional learning I’ve had as an educator in over 15 years.

The program I most use to access it is Tweetdeck. It’s very easy to use and is great at browsing while communicating with colleagues.

It’s also made an impact on some of my former students. After I invited him to ‘tweet in’ on one of our weekly tweet sessions (Monday nights at 7PM EST) one of them wrote about #sschat on his blog. You can read the post here:

The #sschat site has thousands of members. All of them use Twitter to connect, share lessons, inspire each other, provide classroom advice, collaborate on lesson plan feedback, and more. There are also hundreds of principals and other administrators there as well. In addition to the Twitter channel, #sschat has its own wiki page at  Click on the image below to go to the site.

I’m happy to say that there is a real world component to all of this online collaboration too. Edcamp conferences are held periodically all over the country, where members of #sschat can get together and see each other face to face. So far, I have been to four of them. Each has been better than the last. I am very excited to be traveling to Philadelphia in a week to attend the #edcampss conference!!

The professional learning community is a very strong, empowering, collaborative way for me to grow and share as a teacher-leader. I am proud to be a part of it. Come and join!