Animal Final Project

Hi!  Here are some links that may help you with your research.  Also at the end is a copy of the handout about the project in case you lost it.

Endangered Species from US Fish and Wildlife – has a searchable map to find endangered species by state or country.

A Library of the World’s Animals – made for kids, easy to understand

Phoenix Zoo – has information on a lot of animals

Animal Planet’s Guide to Endangered Species

Animals Organized by Biome


Here’s the assignment questions if you lost them:

Animal Final Project


You will have 3 days in the computer lab to complete this project.

Thursday, 5/31  B and D block in D-225

Friday 6/1  B in B-265 and D in D-225

Tuesday 6/5 in B and D in D-225


PROJECT IS DUE JUNE 8 – either sent home to me in your folders or emailed to me at

Project needs to be a blog, a booklet, a powerpoint, a Microsoft word document, or handwritten.  It MUST be in your own words.  Don’t save your work to hard drives in the computer labs – they are not reliable.  Write down your research or email it to yourself if you are not blogging.

These questions are to guide your research but you can go further with things.  Hand in this paper in your folders.

Helpful links can be found at my website: – Click on Integrated Science.

1.  Pick an animal (I would prefer an endangered animal)

2.  Scientific name:

3.  Where in the world does it live?

4.  What biome does it live in?

5.  Describe the habitat (where it lives) – does it hang out in caves, in trees, under rocks, etc

6.  What things does it need to survive (other than food)?

7.  What does it eat (what is its diet)?

8.  What animals hunt it?

9.  Is it a primary, secondary, or tertiary consumer?

10.  If it is endangered, why is it endangered?

11.  Community:  Does it live with family or in a herd?  Does it travel in groups?

12.  How does it find a mate?  Do they mate for life?

13.  How do they care for their babies?  How long do the babies stay with them?

14.  If endangered, how are people trying to protect it?

Find pictures.  If you are making a blog, you know how to put pictures in.  Printers in the computer labs may not be working.  If you are making a handwritten project, you may have to draw your pictures or go to the library on the 2nd or 3rd floor to see if they have a working printer.




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