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Every day in America today our country loses approximately 1,000 veterans of World War II.  What does this war mean to us today?  How should this story be taught to high school students?  Will there be a World War III?  If they are truly ‘the greatest generation’, how can we honor their struggle in our lives?   Over 60 years ago, over 100 million people fought in this war from the majority of the world’s nations.  It’s estimated that over 70 million civilians died along with 50 million soldiers.  The United States lost over 400,000 dead, but our shores were never invaded, our cities never bombed, our citizens were never made refugees.  Still, we were there.  The United States made the difference between a NAZI controlled world threatened by conquest, racial hatred and a global Holocaust and a world where people could choose freedom over fascism.  Now, we have to learn the story…

First, we begin with a PowerPoint…

For those of you who learn best through PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, this one will help enormously.  I’ve saved the presentation in PDF format too, so those of you who don’t have PPT can still view it.  Because it is 27MB large, it might take a while to load.  The author of this PPT is Ms. Susan Pojer, and she runs one of the best websites for history teachers online.  Appropriately, it is called historyteacher.net.  Her page for PPT’s alone contains over 140.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Click here for the World War 2 PowerPoint in PDF format.

I’ve also added many interesting websites on World War 2.  We’ll do a brief writing assignment on these sites by writing website reviews…

The War

Auschwitz: Inside the NAZI State

BBC History of WW2

D-Day Invasion

Fly Girls: Women Test Pilots in WW2

Children of the Camps: Japanese Internment

Decoding NAZI Secrets

NAZI Prison Escape

They Drew Fire: Artists in WW2

NAZI Propaganda Archive

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

History Channel: Interactive WW2

HBO Series: The Pacific

What did you do in the war, Grandma?

Interactive WW2 Smithsonian Exhibit

Race for the Superbomb

Navajo Code Talkers

World War 2 Veteran Stories

The Nuremberg Trials

President Franklin Roosevelt

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