Travel Project Pt. 1

We are going on an adventure vacation.  Explore an exciting, unusual natural location on our amazing planet.

Part 1:  Pick your trip

Visiting volcanoes:

Volcano National Park in Hawaii

Mt. Aso Volcano in Japan

A List of the Top Ten Volcanoes to visit

Volcanoes in Iceland

Visiting canyons:

Grand Canyon in Arizona

10 Best Canyons to Visit

Copper Canyon in Mexico

Other Trips:

Visit Glaciers in Alaska

Glaciers in Patagonia

Climb Mt. Kilimonjaro in Africa

Climb Mt. Everest

Antarctica and see the penguins

Go on safari in Africa to see the big animals

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Want more ideas?  Here are some travel expedition companies:

National Geographic Expeditions

Wilderness Travel

Geographic Expeditions

















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