Advising President Truman

Your mission is to advise President Truman concerning future relations with the Soviet Union.  Should America use its military force to assert more freedom and democracy?  Should the US negotiate peace?  Should the US attempt to contain communism as it spreads?  Should the US withdraw completely under a policy of isolationism?

President Truman is seeking advice from his top aides. He is considering one of four options with regard to U.S. policy towards the Soviet Union. The situation is urgent and time is short. He is not looking for a detailed epic work. He is a simple, no-nonsense man who wants straightforward advice and evidence to support it.

Your letter to the president should be one page in length (typed).  You will follow the format provided for writing formal letters.  Your letter will include two important points: 1) Explain which option is the most appropriate foreign policy choice that the U.S. should take with regard to the Soviet Union, and 2) Explain why your option is the best course of action. Give specific evidence by referring to specific events and issues from 1945-1952 that will support your position.

To aid you in answering these questions you may explain:

  • how your option will protect America’s security interests;
  • how it will benefit America’s allies;
  • how it will promote stability in the world.

Evaluation: You should post answers that fairly address both important points. They should be in paragraph form, but do not need to be more than one page of text. You will receive 50 points for each thoughtful complete answer. (Total of 100 points)  Let me know if you have any questions.

Use the following PDF documents to help you in your research and preparation:

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