US1 Final Exam Prep

I know you will all do well on the final, but first we need to prepare.  This means that we have to review stories from the semester, make sure we know what we’re talking about, understand its importance, and relate it to our lives today.  So where do we start?  Remember what I’ve told you individually in class… Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Can anyone show me a sport where an athlete doesn’t need to train?  One where he or she doesn’t need to practice?  Didn’t think so. :)

So, the final contains 25 multiple choice questions and 2 open response questions.  What’s it going to be on?  Let’s start with the road to the Civil War.  Check out this very good PowerPoint.

Remember also that we are using Quizlet.com to create flash cards.  We’re also going to play some Memory Games with historical vocabulary and terms.  I also suggested that you want to associate an image with a word.  This is a great way to link terms together.  Merge the images and then write them as combined ideas.  With open response questions, there are a lot of hints and tips from the net, but one of the most important is to give it your best effort!

We’ll talk more about this in class.

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