MFA Assignment

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best in the world.  It has amazing art, sculptures, swords, mummies, etc. from around the world – and we have the potential to go to the MFA on April 25th, the Monday after vacation.

Check out the MFA’s incredible website:

We would be traveling with Mr. Palumbo’s classes, and there’s more good news: the admission is free and the bus is free – but there is a catch.  There is a pre-assignment required for this field trip.  Here’s the details:

In order to learn more about the MFA in Boston, we’re going to travel around the world to the British Museum in London.  The BBC has put together an amazing website that tells the History of the World in 100 Objects.  This website is going to be the basis for our research.

First, here are the directions.

Second, here are some hints to help you with your research.

Third, here are the objects themselves.  Choose one that interests you.

Fourth, here are the podcasts that go along with each object.  They are about 10-15 minutes long and are definitely worth a listen.  (They are in groups of 5)

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